'Woodpeckers in a changing world' International Conference

The Conference is embedded within an EU-LIFE+ project (Pro-Izki) that focuses on the development of actions for the conservation of the Pyrenean oak forest of Izki (located in the province of Álava) and their associated species. Because one of the key species in this project is the Middle Spotted Woodpecker, the Conference will be a unique opportunity to discuss management strategies for the conservation of this specialist bird.

The Conference is being organized by The Provincial Council of Álava and Hazi Foundation, the two partners involved in the management of LIFE+ Pro-Izki. Moreover, the Conference follows the path of previous conferences on woodpeckers organized by the Woodpecker Working Group of the German Ornithological Society, which launched the initiative and will also hold its 25th Meeting in Vitoria-Gasteiz. These three organizations work in partnership to generate a pleasant atmosphere that leads to fruitful exchange of information on this fascinating avian group.


Book of abstracts