Middle Spotted Woodpecker
The middle spotted woodpecker is a Pyrenean oak wood resident in Izki with notable densities of up to 25 individuals/km2, which is approximately 20% of the numbers in the Iberian Peninsula. Izki plays an important role in the conservation of this species both in quantitative terms and to act as a link between the populations of the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees.

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Bechstein Bat
The characteristics of the Pyrenean oak wood of Izki with relatively mature feet, woodpecker holes and points with stable and calm water are ideal for this species. In fact, the presence of Myotis bechsteinii has been confirmed in Izki and a breeding colony in woodpecker nests has been located, probably the middle spotted woodpecker.

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Agile frog
The agile frog is a common inhabitant of Izki, where it occupies forest areas with fallen leaves all year round and areas which are damp during the reproduction season. The densities of this amphibian in Izki are notable at a regional level which is why the conservation of its habitats is especially relevant.

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Other species of interest

Fauna and flora of community interest

The ample and diverse community of owls in Izki is worth noting, forest and rupicolous, although there are other fauna groups of interest like bats and amphibians and an assortment of mammals, fish and insects.

As for the flora, probably the most valuable species are linked to the small and diverse wetlands around the natural park, highlighting Rhynchospora fusca and Nymphaea alba (European white waterlily), Izki being the only enclave of the Basque Autonomous Region where these two species are found.