Main Objectives

Long term restoration and conservation, under favourable conditions, the Pyrenean oak wood of Izki and the habitats and species of community interest they interact with.

Objetivos específicos

  • • Guarantee the long term continuance of the Pyrenean Oak of Izki, improving the vigour of the trunks and avoiding its substitution by the surrounding acidophile beech.
    • Favour the settlement and permanence of the middle spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius) population in Izki, encouraging favourable forest structures for its nesting and feeding.
    • Increase the availability of shelters and feeding areas for Myotis bechsteinii and other forest bats in Izki.
    • Restore and maintain the water logged enclaves of community interest in a state of favourable conservation.
    • Favour the ability to colonize and the dispersion of the forest bats and amphibians, with special interest in the Rana dalmatina and Myotis bechsteinii, by means of the creation of new water points in the heart of the Pyrenean oak wood of Izki.
    • Implicate all the local entities and bodies with an interest in Izki in its management to guarantee the conservation of its natural values in the long term.
    • Increase the knowledge and public awareness with regards to the natural values of Izki, in particular and the Natura 2000 Network in general.
    • Propel European work groups, related with the Izki conservation elements.