In figures

35,000 visitors come to Izki every year to enjoy its forests and crags and, of course, its villages and people.

In addition to the network of paths there is an important educational and teaching offer which includes guided tours, bird banding, workshops on medicinal plants, the celebration of the day of the pastoral communities, etc.

The dissemination actions of the PRO-Izki project are also directed at Park visitors and will help them to better know the extremely valuable natural heritage it possesses and the efforts made to conserve it.

A Space to Explore

Hiking, cycling and horse riding paths are some of the activities offered both in the Park and its surroundings.

A network of 15 paths allow the hiker to discover the beautiful landscapes of this natural park, observe its fauna and flora and also appreciate the traditions and culture of the human beings who inhabited and inhabit this territory. Whatever the preference, there are low difficulty paths and other more complex ones. There are long and short trajectories. All of them guide the visitor through different points of interest. Various paths follow ancient tracks –paths of Sarrondo, Antoñana...–, which connect the beautiful villages of this natural space: Korres, Antoñana, Bujanda, Maestu... Several paths delve into the extensive Pyrenean oak woods –Ullibarri, Renabar, El Paseo, Larrabila...–, highlighting the Los Arrieros, which crosses the forest from Apellániz to Quintana by means of a hundred-year-old path. If one hikes in silence, under the shade of the Pyrenean oak, it is possible to hear the song of the middle spotted woodpecker or the croak of the agile frog. With a little luck, a brief glimpse of the burly wild boar can be had. Its immense limestone crags –Soila, La Muela, Kapildui...–, are visible from many of these paths. The El Agin and El Cartero paths bring the visitor close to monumental and unique trees: tilias, taxuses, chestnut..., witnesses to hundreds of years of human history, evident from the various monuments which exist in the Park and its surroundings: artificial caves, monoliths, ruins of castles, bridges and mills, all accessible by following different paths: San Roman, Marizurieta, Bujanda, Botondela, Los Molinos, Txarabitana...

This way, hiking along its forests and mountains, along rivers and streams among rocks, the reasons why Izki is today a protected natural space are clearly understandable. Likewise, it helps to understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to conserve it, so that when future generations travel along these same paths, they can continue to enjoy the various forests and, definitely, its natural values.

The golf course, in Urturi, allows this sport to be played surrounded by nature. There are various recreational areas surrounding the park, in areas of great natural beauty.