Improve the vigour and structure of the Pyrenean oak wood

What it consists of

Several enclosures will be carried out of some 3-4 hectares along the Pyrenean oak mass in which regeneration will be reinforced by way of seeds. Areas which are somewhat open will be chosen, with diverse species in addition to the Pyrenean oak, in which feet will be selected of this specie from seed which will be protected by Tubex and sprouts from roots will be eliminated.

If necessary, regeneration by seed will be reinforced with the introduction of plants and acorns from the Izki forest itself.


Why it is done

A great part of the Pyrenean oak trunks in Izki come from sprouts from roots. This radical system is quite old, which brings about trees with little strength which have also been submitted to strong ranching pressure, fires to favour grazing and the extraction of wood which has traditionally chosen bases which were mature and low.

The creation of enclosures and the elimination of competition are considered to be necessary actions to favour the germination and development of new tree from seeds.