Stop the colonization of the Pyrenean oak forest by the surrounding beech wood

What it consists of

10 plots in a work area of 150 ha will be identified, in which the colonization of the Pyrenean oak by the surrounding acidophile beech is more evident. These plots will undergo manual clearing of vegetation with the aim of eliminating the new beech sprouts which threaten the regeneration and re-growth of the oaks.

Why     it is done

The beech is a species with a great ability of colonization and has elevated possibilities to prosper in the shade of other species; this makes it very competitive with an oak mass with little strength.

The halt in the colonization of the Pyrenean oak by the acidophile beech in Izki is necessary since, if it were to continue, in some years the surface of the Pyrenean oak wood would be reduced in favour of the beech wood, which would have direct consequences on the middle spotted woodpecker which seeks refuge in Izki and on the population of Bechstein bats which depend on the availability of adequate hollows as refuge.