Creation of six new wáter points

What it consists of

Six new appropriate ponds will be constructed both to disperse the populations of agile frog and other amphibians, and for watering holes and food areas for the Bechstein bat and other bats.

Taking into account that Izki is a place of extensive ranching, it would be logical for these water points to be used as a cattle watering trough. In some cases, the new ponds will be completely fenced off and in its surroundings troughs will be built for cattle with easy access and use for herds. In other cases, a couple of ponds would be constructed, one fenced off and the other not, which would be accessible to cattle, to design a scenario which allows for the analysis of the variables implied in the evolution of amphibian populations, how cattle uses it, the chemistry of the water, aquatic vegetation, the fringe and potential predators.


Why it is done

A great part of the inventoried wetlands in Izki correspond to the flooding of terrains which dry up in the summer. These circumstances may not affect the community of amphibians with vital cycles adapted to hydrologic cycles. If the drying period occurs during other times, the survival of the eggs can be seriously compromised. In addition, a more elevated density of wetlands favours the dispersion of individuals and the genetic wealth of the populations.

On the other hand, the chiropterans needs a constant body of clean water free of vegetation to use as a watering hole and feeding area, especially during the breeding season, summer.

The construction of these six new ponds will cover the needs of these and other wildlife groups in time and space.

Other Conservation actions