Work group on the Middle Spotted Woodpecker on the Cantabrian Mountain range

What it consists of

The Provincial Council of Alava and Hazi Kontsultoria, both supporters of PRO-Izki, already form part of the work group on the middle spotted woodpecker in the Cantabrian Mountains, its main objective being the writing and editing of a book which summarizes the current situation of the populations of this woodpecker in the Iberian environment and includes management proposals focused at reverting the threats. This action intends to boost active participation by the partners in the group and obtain greater prominence with its objectives, even more than the creation of the book itself.

Why it is done

Joint work carried out by this group will, without a doubt, contribute to increasing the technical and scientific knowledge on Iberian populations of the species, its environmental requirements and tolerance in the face of disturbances, as well as establishing the measures and guidelines in the management of the forest it inhabits or can inhabit, to guarantee the permanence of its populations in the long term.